Naturalizer Quimby Ankle Bootie

Maternity Shoes

Due to the hormonal changes, woman\’s body is changing dramatically during the pregnancy. Swollen feet, gained weight, back and feet aches, are common experiences for the pregnant women. Therefore, in addition to maternity clothing, pregnant women need maternity shoes to accommodate their swollen feet and cater to their needs.
A couple of larger shoes can get you through the pregnancy in most cases. But instead of buying one size larger, why not trying on wider shoe, some cute balerina flat, trainer, or even low heel pump in wide widths.

Ankle Boots For Pregnant Women

Knee high boots can prove to be too inconvenient and restraining to the swelling legs of the pregnant women. Here ankle boots come in handy.

Naturalizer Quimby Ankle Bootie
Naturalizer Wedges is smart yet comfy ankle bootie 2 1/2 wedge heel Online

Maternity Evening Dress Shoes
You may need maternity dress shoes for a wedding or some other special event. Obviously a pair of sneakers won’t be a good complement to an evening gown. Fortunately there is a plenty of special occasions shoes in wide widths with relatively low heel.

[cj_show_items keywords=”Trotters Dea” records_per_page=”1″] Fashionable cap toe slingbacks made of premium leather upper and soft microfiber lining. They come in any width imaginable. [cj_show_items keywords=”Vaneli Modesta Silver Metallic Nappa” records_per_page=”1″] If you need kitten heel sandals for your special occasion this summer try Vaneli Modesta, they come in many widths: from extra narrow to extra wide and three colors: silver, platinum and black. [cj_show_items keywords=”Trotters Cameron Goldwash” records_per_page=”1″] Low heel soft leather sandal with the strap style that goes all the way to the back of the shoe. Comes in several trendy or neutral colors.

Everyday casual shoes for pregnant women

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This shoe has nice neutral color, roomy toe box for swollen toes and cute design looks great with jeans, crops, and dresses.
[cj_show_items keywords=”Naot Footwear Cymbal” records_per_page=”1″]Cute and comfortable sandals with soft leather upper and hook-and-loop closure around the ankle for a secure and custom fit. [cj_show_items keywords=”Clarks Alto Disco Beige” records_per_page=”1″]Cute neutral color sandals with wedge heel for stability and adjustable upper and ankle strap.
[cj_show_items keywords=”Cynthia Vincent Farie” records_per_page=”1″ ] [cj_show_items keywords=”Vince Robin” records_per_page=”1″ ] [cj_show_items keywords=”Seychelles Dainty” records_per_page=”1″ ]

High heels are not recommendable during pregnancy, because pregnant women have changed centre of gravity, and lean backward to keep the balance. When they wear heels, they have to lean backward even further, which causes more pressure on their foot balls. Not to mention the simple danger of falling over! Low wide heels, not more than 2,5 “ should be relatively save, comfortable, and acceptable for office and business environment.
The most important trait in a maternity shoe is good arch support. The shoe should hold the foot comfortably, as pregnant feet tend to swell. Especially in the last trimester of the pregnancy, forget about heels, and wear a good pair of breathable sneakers instead.
Sports Footwear Sneakers For Pregnant Women
During the last trimester of the pregnancy feet tend to swell and the growing belly requires easy slip ons.

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